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Todo List



  • [code] Need some sort of ansynchronous mechanism to wrap the #doEvent methods. → MWM
  • [code] Need to give some thought to some architectural issues. It's apparent that there will be common code between the two general types of Mediators (Transaction and TransactionReport) -- each of the mediation targets (SNMP, logging, etc.) will be similar. Need to find a way to encapsulate and reuse common code here - some sort of Strategy pattern is what I'm thinking of. → MWM
  • [code] Develop an AndroMDA cartridge for instrumenting a generated app → MWM
  • [code] Develop an AspectJ package that can be used to instrument an app → MWM
  • [code] Develop JMX Notifications TransportMediator → MWM
  • [code] Develop Database/Datastore TransportMediator → NR
  • [code] Develop a summarizing Logging TransportMediator → MWM
  • [code] Complete the ARM implementation (Transaction reports, metrics) → MWM
  • [code] Develop sample applications (J2EE, simple servlet, Swing client, Spring, AOP, AndroMDA) → MWM
  • [docs] Improve the docs/Web site → MWM