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OpenArm LoggingMediator

The LoggingMediator uses the Apache Jakarta log4j library to output ARM events as logging Events. log4j is a very powerful library, and this Mediator makes it possible for you to delegate the work of recording (and/or transmitting) the events to log4j.

The LoggingMediator logs ARM transactional events at the log4j INFO logging level.

The LoggingMediator has no/requires no special configuration of its own. However , this is based on the assumption that your application uses log4j, and has a configuration mechanism for log4j already in place. Within the bounds of that assumption, you can control the behavior of the LoggingMediator the same as you would for any other class that logs via log4j -- you can define a Logger in your configuration that points to the class net.m2technologies.open_arm.transport.transaction.logging.LoggingMediator , and use standard log4j mechanisms to refine its logging. For example, you could define an Appender, and use it to effectively turn off OpeanArm logging by setting its Level to WARN or higher.