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History of Changes



Version 0.009 (unreleased)

  • add Added the /formatters package, which solves both the problem of parameterizing and internationalizing the text messages of the update, blocked, and stop events. (MWM)
  • add Added the first sample applications, to be found in the "src" Jar -- net.m2technologies.open_arm.samples.pojo.SimpleApplication (MWM)
  • add Reworked the SnmpMediator's handling of the PDU message. The message will be broken into chunks, and each chuk appended to the PDU as a seperate VarBind element, up to a maximum of 5 chunks (where the last (fifth) chunk can be an indefinite length). Having the message broken up into chunks in VarBinds makes it easier to read in most SNMP tools. However, the added number of VarBinds makes the NMS work harder to receive and process the trap -- too many VarBinds, and many systems will start dropping traps. The max of 5 VarBinds, with the last VarBind being of indefinite length, is an attempt to achieve a compromise in this regard. (MWM)
  • add Added the option of programmatic configuration (rather than declarative (i.e. file based)), via OpenArmConfiguration, which allows configuration via dependency injection. Both variants are now supported. (MWM)
  • add Added the first implementation of the MessagingMediator. This is a pure JMS implementation of a queue based message producer. Also added a sample application -- net.m2technologies.open_arm.samples.pojo.SimpleJmsApplication -- which uses ActiveMQ to test/ play around with the Mediator. (MWM)
  • add Added the OpenArmTransactionSimpleFacade, to make configuring/using OpenArm a bit less complex. (MWM)
  • addAdded significantly to the documentation/Web site.(MWM)

Version 0.008 (unreleased)

  • add Major architectural refactoring -- the internal dispatching mechanism was changed from one based on reflection to one based on interfaces. This not only makes the code simpler and cleaner, but also makes it just a wee bit faster. (MWM)

Version 0.007 (unreleased)

  • addSolved the performance problems associated with resolving the Mediators adequately, I think. Now using Commons Pool from Jakarta, and pre-initializing the pool with a half dozen sets of the Mediator implementations. There is still a price to be paid for this, but this implementation allows us to have the application pay it at startup/initialization, rather than when obtaining the transaction monitor.(MWM)
  • add This release drops usage of the version number in the file name of the binary OpenArm Jar -- thus, the Jar is not name "open_arm_0.007.jar", in the fashion of its predecessors, but just "open_arm.jar". (MWM)

Version 0.006 (unreleased)

  • addBugfixes, significant performance improvements(MWM)

Version 0.005 (unreleased)

  • addBrought the Web site online, began working on docs(MWM)

Version 0.004 (unreleased)

  • addFirst halfway usable version; capable of logging ARM events to log4j, and/or sending them along as SNMP traps.(MWM)

Version 0.003 (unreleased)

  • addRefactored, bug fixes(MWM)

Version 0.002 (unreleased)

  • addRefactored, bug fixes(MWM)

Version 0.001 (unreleased)

  • addInitial Import(MWM)